According to Google, as of today:

1 Canadian dollar = 1.0003 U.S. dollars


It’s time for the first post in my series of outlandish predictions, to be posted and updated whenever I feel like it.

Today’s outlandish prediction is:

By the end of 2009, the US–Canada exchange rate will have reached 1.

Fortune recently released their list of the top 20 most admired companies, and apparently Microsoft narrowly edged out Apple. I now eaglerly await the blogosphere breaking out in flamewar. Fun!

  1. Open the nearest book. Try not to make it the trendiest book, but just about any book will do.
  2. Open it to page 222.
  3. Count six full sentences. Post the 6th all over the Internets for everybody to see.
  4. Post the ISBN of the book.
  5. Profit!

AP Tapes Government has no such sentence on such a page.

Next: The Cartoon History of the Universe, by Larry Gonick.

And my daughter (the one that’s still alive)!


Via a demotivated Canuck.

Recently, a lot a lot a lot of things have happened in my life. A few notables:

  • I switched to Linux.

    I partitioned my hard drive and installed Ubuntu Linux and have now made it my primary operating system. It was a snap to set up, and with a tiny bit of fooling around, I can now share my documents folder between Windows and Linux. Pretty awesome.

  • I almost was seriously injured in a cabinet-related accident.

    Cabinet fun!

    Not my fault. Seriously.

  • I got done with my research paper.

    Need I say more?

So earlier I found the greatest blonde joke ever. Just thought I’d share it with you, Blogosphere.